Deconstruct a Wooden Pallet

My husband talked me into watching The Walking Dead on Netflix with him. I never watched it before because blood and guts, zombie killing shows aren’t really my thing ya know? But somehow I got sucked into it… The funny thing is, most of the time while I’m watching the show I’m thinking, “Oooh! Look at that wood! I could build a lot of stuff with that!” These people are killing zombies and I’m more interested in checking out all the old wood on the barn and the pallets that they’re using to make barricades with.
Pallet projects are all over pinterest and there are sooo many things you can make with them. Most are made of hard wood, usually oak or cherry, so if you find a decent pallet you can get some good quality boards out of it. I just happened to get lucky and see this beauty on the side of the road {then I begged & harassed asked my husband to go back and get it for me :)}…I didn’t even have to risk my life in a dark alley fighting off zombies to get it.
It took me about 30 minutes to take it apart and the only tools I used were a circular saw and a hammer. 
***Be sure to use safety precautions…eye protection, work gloves and a respirator mask are a must! {You probably want to make sure your Tetanus shot is up to date too…those rusty nails are no joke!} 
Start by cutting each end as close to the nails as possible with a circular saw.
Twist and pull each board to detach it from middle. 
Hammer out the rusty tetanus nails… 
And that’s all…
 Now I have my lovely hardwood boards and the shell of the pallet left over. 
I haven’t decided if I want to take the rest of the pallet apart or find a use for it as is, but I do have big plans for these boards!
 Thanks for stopping by & make sure you check back in to see what I did with my pallet wood!

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