Pallet Baseball Shelf

I made my very first pallet project and I’m loving it! After I took the pallet apart here, I washed the boards, let them dry in the sun and gave them a good sanding. 
The boards you get from pallets are good quality wood but they aren’t straight or uniform in width. Rustic looking projects like this one are great for pallet boards because the imperfections just give it a little more character.
 I came up with the plan and measurements based on the space I was working with in my boys’ room, but you can modify this shelf any way you would like. You can add more rows of cubes, more shelves, or even make an entire shelf of cubes.

Here’s what you will need;
Pallet boards
Wood Glue
Brad Nail Gun
D-rings for hanging 
(I used Minwax in Jacobean)
Cut List:
8 @ 4″
2 @ 27″
5 @ 17.5″


First, assemble the top and bottom cube shelves.
Space your 4 inch boards 4 inches apart to make the cubes. Attach with wood glue and secure with brad nails.
 Iwn’t lie to you and say this step was easy…remember when I said pallet boards aren’t perfect? If you’re trying to get everything to fit nice and flush, these boards just wont do it…they don’t play nice. It was like a frustrating puzzle and I ended up with a bunch of gaps and overhangs but we’re going for the rustic look so it all works out. 

Attach the 27 inch side boards to the top and bottom cube sections. Attach the remaining 17.5 inch board as the middle shelf leaving 8 inches on either side. 
**Be sure to do this step on a flat surface so that any misbehaving boards will overhang on the front and the back will be flush with the wall when it’s hung. 
I finished my shelf with a quick sanding to distress the edges and then added D-rings these to the back for mounting on the wall.
Even though it was a little bit of a pain figuring out the measurements and getting it all to fit right, I was worth it and I’m so happy with the end result!
 Now I just need to fill these frames with cute pictures of my little guys. 
Now you should go out, find a pallet, rip it apart, and build something awesome with it!
Thanks for stopping by and check back again soon!
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