Gallery Wall Inspiration

I’m putting our new gallery wall together and it’s taking for-eva! Finding the right pieces & figuring out the arrangement can be a little overwhelming. In our last house, we had a big wall full of family photos. I love displaying all of our family photos but when you have 4 kids, it gets crazy trying to keep all of the pictures updated. On this wall, I’ll include some of our family favs, mixed with art, and other meaningful pieces. I want the wall to tell a story, not just with pictures but with handmade and personal touches. This way if I want to update pictures, I can switch a few out without messing with the whole arrangement.
Here are some of my favorite gallery walls that I’ve been pulling inspiration from. 
Check out these great ideas and I hope you find things you love too! 

This is one of my favorites from Pottery barn…I wish I could get my hands on some vintage street signs like these! 
Pottery Barn

Megan @ The Homes I Have Made showed us her striped, Americana gallery wall. I love the way that she made use of this diagonal entry wall. 
The Homes I Have Made

Becca over @ From Gardners 2 Bergers has awesome tutorials on how she created her gallery wall! Go check her out! She covers everything from how she created all of her art to ways on how to arrange and hang your gallery wall. 
From Gardners 2 Bergers

Tara @ Behind the Red Barn Door has the most charming farmhouse and her gallery wall is a reflection of that. She has added all kinds of beautiful personal touches to make her wall unique.  
Behind The Red Barn Door

 Another Pottery Barn fav. I am loving this clock…I’m sure you’ll be seeing a DIY project from me for this one!
Pottery Barn

Jennifer at Blissfully Ever After shared her black & white gallery wall with a touch of color. I love the modern farmhouse look & feel of this arrangement. The black and white mixed with aged wood, rust and burlap…I love it all! 
Blissfully Ever After

 Kim over at Tidbits & Twine nailed the Pottery Barn look don’t you think?
I love that she framed her grandmother’s leather baby gloves! How cool is that?
Tidbits & Twine

 Taryn @ Design, Dining and Diapers created this beautiful black & white gallery wall. The best part about this wall is that she created and printed the typography art herself! Personalized, beautiful, and inexpensive…Love it!  
Design, Dining and Diapers

I hope you all get inspired to create a beautiful, unique gallery wall in your home!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and check back in again soon!



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