Shelf with Routed Edges

Hey everyone!
This weekend I put a shelf together for the boys room and I tried out a new tool! 
I bought a table mounted router on craigslist a few weeks ago and figured this would be the perfect 
project to test it out. I think I got a pretty sweet deal, only $40 for the whole set up! (The router alone is about $60 new)
The lady I bought it from said, “I don’t know what this thing does but my ex left it with the rest of his crap and I want it gone!” I should have asked what other “crap” he left but I didn’t…just handed her the cash and loaded it in the car. 
Here is the router. It’s mounted to the underside of this DIY router table. It can also be removed from the table and used by holding the handles to guide it. 
The bit sits above the table top and is interchangeable and adjustable.
(I’m still not too sure about the funky homemade table thing but it seems legit and it works for now.)


I have to tell you that I was not completely sure how to work this when I bought it but I knew I could figure it out. Since I bought it second hand, without a manual, I watched a ton of YouTube videos and Googled the manual before I even touched it. Always make sure that you learn how to use a tool properly and always use safety precautions!

Routers are used for cutting grooves and decorative edges. There are so many different shaped bits that will achieve all types of decorative and functional cuts. Some are used for creating decorative edges like these.
Some bits are used to cut grooves in the wood, either for decorative or functional purposes. Eventually I’ll try out some of these other bits, but for this shelf, I just used the cove bit that came with my router. 

The length of the shelf is 36 inches on the top shelf and 32 inches on the bottom. The side boards are 4.5 x 3.5 inches.
After routing and sanding the boards, I applied a coat of Minwax stain in Jacobean then lightly sanded to distress the edges. 
I attached the side boards, added hooks, and secured the top board with wood glue and screws.
The shelf is mounted through the wall studs with 3 inch wood screws.
This was a quick and pretty easy afternoon project. Don’t the routed edges look great?! It’s a small detail but I feel like it makes a big difference.
I’m excited to use my new tool on more projects now that I know how to use it!
I want to hear what you all think! Leave me a comment. Do you have any experience using a router? More importantly, what do you think of the funky homemade table? Really…you can be honest. I didn’t make it…the craigslist lady’s ex did :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

One thought on “Shelf with Routed Edges

  1. You did a beautiful job on that shelf Denaya. I love the stain you used. As for the router table, if it's solid and doing the job right why not hang onto it for a while? Have a great day!

    Val @

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