Arrow String Art

I’ve been wanting to make a piece of string art for a while now. I also love the arrow trend and have been on the hunt for some kind of arrow wall art. So I figured why not just combine the two? 
I used a piece of wood from my scrap pile, stained it with Minwax Jacobean, painted it white and distressed it. I drew the arrow on the board and hammered in my nails around the outline. 
The “nails” that I used are actually black carpet tacks that I had on hand from another project.
I really like these for a few reasons. First of all, they’re black and have a rustic, industrial look. Second, they are super easy to nail into the wood because they have this sharp, flat, dagger thingy at the tip (technical term?) and the head of the nail is wide and flat. Also once you nail them in, they’re in. You won’t have to worry about them coming out unless you pry them out. (you can see here that I had to take a couple out to adjust the spacing)
arrow string art


 I used a whole spool of black thread and just went around and through the nails 6 million times until I was happy with the coverage. 


rustic black and white arrow


No special technique or artistic skill involved here, just a little time and a lot of patience.


 D-rings are attached to the back and I have plans to add it to a black and white gallery wall that I’m working on. I think it will be a great piece to add some dimension and texture.
This project took some time and was a bit tedious but overall it’s pretty simple, inexpensive, and well worth it!
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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