DIY Bed Frame Brackets For Less Than $2

The Farmhouse Bed is one of my favorite furniture builds! After building three beds from this plan, I’ve learned a few little tricks along the way to make it easier. This bed is a beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture and a great beginners project because you only need a few basic tools and it’s made with all straight cuts.

 You can find the detailed plans here on Ana White’s website. I’m a huge fan! If you don’t already stalk her site and take advantage of all of her amazing free plans, you should! You can find plans on how to build pretty much anything you can think of. 

The first bed we built was a full size for one of our girls.

Full Size Farmhouse BedOn this bed, we have the frame attached directly onto the headboard and footboard with 4 1/2 inch deck screws. 
Bed Frame on Full Size Bed

We later realized that doing this would make it a pain to take apart and reassemble when the time comes. Brackets would make this process much easier. 
 I looked into ordering bed rail brackets online but then I spotted these in the construction department of Home Depot.

DIY Bed BracketThese are metal joist hangers for $1.78! That’s less than $10 for all four!! Plus, I didn’t have to pay for shipping or wait for them to come in the mail!
DIY Bed Bracket

The joist hangers are used in construction to support beams and floor joists so I knew that these would give me more than enough support needed for the side rails.
As you can see on the box, it says that these can support a 2×6 or 2×8 board. Ana’s plan calls for 1×10 boards for the side rails so I had to make an adjustment there. I used 2×8 boards for mine. They look great and are nice and sturdy. 

DIY Farmhouse Bed Bracket
 I measured about 9 inches from the bottom of the post and attached the hanger flush with the inside edge.
 Here’s a view from the outside with the side board in place.
It’s not shown here but I did also secured the boards in place with screws on both sides.  

DIY Bed Bracket

I used these strong drive wood screws that I found in the same area as the the joist hangers. When the bed needs to be taken apart, all we will need to do is remove these screws and slide the boards out.

Simpson Strong Drive Wood Screws
It’s really important to make sure that the hangers are flush with the insides of the bed posts. This is because the 2×4 supports for the bedslats or boxspring will attach to the inner part of the side rails. These supports need to lay flat against the insides of the headboard posts.

As you can see here…

Twin Farmhouse Bed

And here…

Twin Farmhouse Bed

It’s best to wait until AFTER you have your sideboards on before you attach the 2x4s. I learned this the hard way. I made the mistake of attaching the 2x4s first and ended up having to remove them in order to secure the sideboards.

Twin Farmhouse Bed 
Twin Farmhouse Bed
These beds are so strong and sturdy. They don’t budge at all! Believe me, my 3 year-old and 5 year-old boys have put them to the test! 
I’d love to hear your comments and questions below and I hope this idea was helpful. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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